Siem Reap Writing and Photography Retreats

Our travel and food writing and photography retreats are immersive culinary and cultural experiences, temple scrambles, and excursions to the countryside and villages, punctuated by writing and photography workshops.

Who Should Attend our Travel and Food Writing and Photography Retreats?

Aspiring or working food/travel writers/bloggers who are keen to develop writing and photography skills; looking for inspiration and guidance in a supportive and collaborative environment; are eager to spend time with people who share the same interests, challenges and passions; or who simply relish the chance to craft stories in a stimulating place such as Cambodia.

Writers, photographers, creatives who might work in a different field but would like to try their hand at food/travel writing and/or photography. Perhaps you are a writer/blogger keen to work on your photography techniques or a photographer eager to develop writing skills.

An Outline of our Itinerary for the Travel and Food Writing and Photography Retreats

Our retreats begin in Siem Reap, the launching pad for excursions to UNESCO World Heritage listed Angkor Wat and the Angkor Archaeological Park.

The retreat includes meals at authentic local eateries and the best Cambodian restaurants, market walks, street food tours, a personalised cooking class, a culinary adventure to the ‘rice bowl’ of Battambang, and tuk tuk trundles into the tranquil countryside and villages surrounding both towns.

The focus will be on honing your travel and/or food writing and photography skills as we immerse you in the culture and everyday life of Cambodia and give you a taste of the highly underrated Cambodian cuisine. We’ll introduce you to the locals who cook the food, sell it and make the ingredients that go into producing it. In the process, we’ll show you the Cambodia that we have fallen in love with.

The retreat itinerary may vary on the time of year — and the prevailing weather conditions. We have the flexibility to change up the itinerary to suit — this is no cookie-cutter experience.

Who’ll You’ll Meet on our Travel and Food Writing and Photography Retreats

While you’ll be travelling with us for the retreat, we’re really about orgainising the itinerary, choosing the accommodation and restaurants and stalls you’ll eat at. As we’re running the retreats we’re there to make sure that it runs smoothly, including being able to change the itinerary due to weather or any other unforeseen circumstances.

While we’ll be advising you on our specialities — writing and photography — with everything else our hand-picked locals will be explaining the culture, the heritage, the cuisine, and everyday life in Cambodia. We want you to get a fantastic insight into their lives.

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